Holistic Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to determine ‘stressors' and/or imbalances within the body. These may relate to stress from mental or emotional states, physical problems or nutritional deficiencies. Kinesiology provides a gentle, non-invasive way to access your body's feedback and then diffuse and balance the reactions accordingly.

Read PDF - What is Kinesiology?

“I thoroughly recommend Janet for your ‘Sea Change’ or ‘just getting on with it’. Janet’s help using kinesiology has been quicker than other forms of therapy.”

Robi H-R, age 54

“After suffering from severe lower back pain for at least 15 years, I visited Elaine for a kinesiology balance. That one balance changed my life: I no longer get out of bed like an 80 year old woman and I can now sit comfortably for hours.”

Sonia Cazzulino-Blake


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