What our clients have to say

“My fear around phone calls and talking to strangers was absolutely crippling my life and work. Working with Janet, the fear just got less and less and happened without me really being aware of it.”

Shawn C, New York, age 29

“As well as dealing with specific problems, I visit Janet on a 'check-up' basis which again has proved invaluable. The benefit over the years of her knowledge, expertise and compassion has been huge and I could not recommend anyone more highly in her field or in fact in the field of alternative therapies.”

Paul. T, aged 36

“I felt less anxious… for the first time ever for any performance.”

Marguerita V, Singer (Opera)

“I just thought I’d write and let you know Gianni is doing really well at school this year. I have been puzzling his change of achievement and it struck me the other day it might just be you and the LEAP program!”

Julia Z, mother of Gianni, age 8

“I feel more integrated as a result of LEAP, less tired during lectures and overall I perform much better in my exams. Before, I panicked and could not ever comprehend the questions; I now take my time and feel more confident in my overall ability.”

Viki S, age 37 Sydney

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