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Summary of Services Services include:

Kinesiology Including, LEAP, NAET

Code of Ethics

All Leap To Life Practitioners abide by their codes of ethics & good practice of their accredited association. This includes assuring that services are conducted in a professional light, and are sensitive to issues of culture, religion, age, gender and race.

Individual Client Sessions

Clients understand and accept that any treatment received by Leap To Life Practitioners is of a remedial therapeutic nature and not of a diagnostic or curative approach. If they suspect or know that they are suffering from any physical or psychological ailment or conditions, then they will seek appropriate medical or psychological treatment prior to having any session with Leap To Life Practitioners. Clients also understand and accept that the results of the treatment are not guaranteed in any way.

In addition, all notes and data taken remain the property of Leap To Life Practitioners. A copy of a client’s personal records can be made available within a week of their written request. Clients also understand that no personal recording is permitted during the session and that Leap To Life Practitioners holds the copyright to any material that is made available before, during or after the session. All rights are reserved.

In the interest of security, Leap To Life Practitioners reserves the right to deny any individuals access to any session, whether whole or any part, without prior notification or explanation. Where necessary, Leap To Life Practitioners will refer the client on to another provider or professional if the relationship is not well-matched.

Payment and Cancellation Terms

All rates quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars. Payment is at the time of service and can be made by either cash or selected credit/debit cards . In the event of an appointment cancellation, 24 hours notice is required otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Non-payment of fees may result in legal actions being taken.

Unless otherwise stated: - All rates quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars


Leap To Life Practitioners agrees to treat all client information as confidential and will not disclose any client details to a third party without written agreement from the Client.

Payment & Cancellation Terms

All rates quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars. Packages are payable up front, or for each individual session. Non-payment of fees may result in legal actions being taken. Cancellation terms are included in the Client Agreement

Discounts & Special Offers

Any discounts offered by individual practitioners of Leap to Life unless otherwise specified are exclusive and cannot be combined. In the case of special offers, these must be requested at time of booking, and will not automatically be applied.

Website Use

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