LEAP - technique for the correction of most learning difficulties in children and adults

The LEAP Program

The Learning Acupressure Program or LEAP is an effective and non-invasive brain integration technique for the correction of most learning difficulties in children and adults. Developed over the past decade in conjunction with clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists, and other health professionals, LEAP opens up access to and between the Gestalt and Logic functions of the brain (see links for more information) and removes blocks to integration.

The Basic Learning Correction Program begins with an initial 2-hour assessment. The program then moves through the areas of brain integration, specific learning corrections and addressing emotional and behavioural issues.

The techniques used in the program are based on the use of muscle monitoring, acupressure, emotional and memory release, and sound and light techniques. Once integration is achieved, clients may be assigned other left/right brain integration exercises to anchor this into the body.

Brain Integration (LEAP) Program Overview
The LEAP Program – a New Approach to the Resolution of Specific Learning Difficulties
Dealing with Learning Difficulties
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Preparing for the first session

A Behavioural Checklist and Medical History should be submitted prior to the initial assessment, to enable Janet to have the relevant background information. These documents are used to assist in the identification of specific areas of dysfunction and to provide a baseline from which to review levels of improvement or change.

“I feel more integrated as a result of LEAP, less tired during lectures and overall I perform much better in my exams. Before, I panicked and could not ever comprehend the questions; I now take my time and feel more confident in my overall ability.”

Viki S, age 37 Sydney

“I am so grateful of the work Janet has done with our 2 teenage daughters. The harmony that exists in our home is wonderful. The girls are now able to relate to each other, their peers and their teachers as well as apply themselves to school work. Angry flare ups are now a thing of the past. I would recommend the LEAP Program to everyone.”

S.G. – Northern Beaches

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